Behind the Scenes: Workflow Animation


To help explain our upcoming products we wanted to develop a short animation. This animation was supposed to elaborate on the workflow of Harmono-T & the Activation Station. Since the preparation of Harmono-T works in a different way then the current market standards, where manual shaking or mixing via a mixing apparatus is needed.

Step one: develop a storyboard

During the development of Harmono-T and the Activation Station multiple concepts were made to show how the product was supposed to work. One of those concepts was a step by step cartoon, which we really liked. This first concept can be seen in figure 1.

Figure 1: Artist impression from the early development stages of the Activation Station and Harmono-T cartridge.

The concept drawings from figure 1 were used as a starting point for the animation storyboard. So we had 5 'core'shots and a summary that we wanted to develop:
- Unpacking of the cartridge
- Inserting the cartridge in the Activation Station
- Small shot on how the Cartridge works
- Extracting the contrast agent from the cartridge
- Administering to the patient
- Specifications summary

Total time of the animation should be between 1-2 minutes, including opening, transition and closing shots.

Step two: develop an artstyle

Before an animation could be made we needed an artstyle. For this animation we wanted a style that was not too 'clinical' but also not too 'childish'. It was supposed to be an enjoyable animation that could explain the workflow to everyone. An animation focussing more on the technology and inner workings is planned for a later stage.

Figure 2: Artstyle of Harmono-T workflow animation. The style is playful, yet serious. The vivid colors make the animation pleasant to watch. The style is also serious enough to be able to explain the workflow.

After some inspiration from the internet and discussing with our animation partners we decided on an artstyle, which can be seen in figure 2.

Step three: Voice over

To give more depth to the animation we decided to add a voice over, giving more details on the system and on whats happening in the video. The animation was split up in different 'chapters' using the final storyboard. For every chapter full sentences were drafted to explain the workings and features of the Activation Station and Harmono-T.

First a small introduction was necessary. In the introduction we started to explain the "Why" of this product to the goal audience (medical professionals).

" You are relying on optimal image quality to always provide the best ultrasound diagnosis for your patients. "

Furthermore we elaborated on the differences in Harmono-T vs traditional contrast agents.

After the introduction the voice over was tailored to explain what was happening in the animation. Making the animation feel more 'personal'. After the workflow the animation ends with a small summary of key features and our slogan:

"Uniform microbubbles working in harmony"

Step four: Putting everything together

Now the storyboard, animation shots and voice over are finished they can be put together to create the final animation. After adding all shots together and adding some transition shots to keep the animation moving along fluidly it was finished. The final animation can be seen below!

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